I could eat chocolate for every meal. I’d never get tired of it either. But as a mom and a wife and someone who doesn’t want to buy bigger pants, I need to find delicious, simple meals to feed my family.

I have spent countless hours looking for dinner ideas. I have looked online, in magazines, and in cookbooks. And that’s where it stopped. I never cooked any of it. I have found that the meals I actually make at home are ones I have had at a friend’s house or recipes that have been recommended by someone I know – in other words, TASTE TESTED!

I thought I’d create this page so that we can share those taste tested recipes and dinner ideas. And chocolate? Yep! Let’s include that too!

If you have a recipe that you would like to share, please register for the site in the admin section on the righthand side of the recipe page. Then start posting! I am not a chef or a writer or a photographer and you don’t need to be either!

As my dad used to say… ‘grub’s up’!